We are

  • totally
  • not really
  • perfectly


Kicker table, Fritz-Kola, fresh fruit and flat-rate coffee - all that and much more you can find here. We can only smile condescendingly at what some companies advertise with. Bare walls are equally as unthinkable for us as 9-to-5. We are convinced that our crew can develop best with the right methods in a creative environment.

We are simple!

We develop user-oriented products with clear added value, from the target group for the target group - smart and simple, understandable for everyone.

We network!

Intensive partnerships and an open exchange opens new perspectives and enables us to master challenges quickly and goal-oriented.

We do!

We don't just talk, we have the courage and the opportunity to simply do it. We don´t lose ourselves in perfection, but rather bring our projects to market.

We live team spirit!

The interaction of "human", "method" and "environment" is an essential part of our work culture. We share our knowledge, our ideas and our goals.


Our guidelines stand for our joint work in the camp. As a crew, we considered what is important to us personally, interpersonal and at work. This resulted in 10 commandments. You can find them at the Camp:Site Kohlenhofstraße 60. That way we are reminded to use them every day as a basis for our actions and to work and live after them.